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This was the third coursework ("Innovation in Games", use a new technology in a game) in the Game Design course that I took at university, and it's completely made by me. It's a VR game, and it's about time stopping like in "The Matrix" - you can slow down time and grab or dodge bullets, so you feel like Neo. The game itself has a James Bond theme (hence the name) and is inspired by games like "I Expect You To Die" and "The Stanley Parable". I even managed to get a voice actor to play the typical voice in the agent's ear, who introduces the mechanics and gives a short introduction.

For a playthrough of the game, you can click here, which shows the game being played by the markers of the course.


008.zip 82 MB


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This was a nice idea for a game with some good graphics.

It was fun to play, once you get to grips with stopping and turning the bullet. There was then just the matter of aiming it back to master!

I did find that I mainly got shot by targets behind me that I hadn't seen. So it would have been nice to have a few seconds countdown intro to each level so that you could look around?

Thanks for sharing.